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Weekend Warrior camps

Our Weekend Warrior camps are conducted throughout the fall in many locations across the nation. In addition to conducting Weekend Warrior Camps at our Home Training Center, teams that attend our Summer Camps are eligible to host fall Weekend Warrior Camps. If you would like more details about hosting a Weekend Warrior Camp, e-mail Coach Chertow personally at

Weekend Warrior Camps are an awesome opportunity to receive the personalized instruction, intense training, and timely motivation necessary to reach your highest goals. Weekend Warrior Camps consist of 4 essential components:

Technique Instruction – In a wide variety of important areas.
Intense Drilling – To perfect your set–ups, timing and combinations.
Live Wrestling – Champions making Champions!
Sports Science – Discussions covering mental preparation, nutrition, strength training, goal setting, earning a college scholarship and more.

Wrestlers from across the country travel to attend our camps as they are well worth the trip.  We offer FREE transportation from the airport and back at all of our Weekend Warrior Camps, as well as at our Winter Break Training Camp and Summer Camps.