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Peak Performance camps

Our Peak Performance Camps are held throughout the Winter and Spring .These camps feature small group, personalized instruction for dedicated wrestlers of all ages. Students of varying skill levels will be present. The curriculum and training will be challenging to all in attendance.

This is a unique opportunity to receive world-class instruction in a very personalized, small group environment. Wrestlers travel from throughout the nation to train at our camps. Take advantage of this special opportunity at our new home at Queens! Come spend a day, evening, or weekend with us and you will understand the benefits.


Coaches and parents are welcome to attend sessions FREE. We also strongly encourage you to purchase our Coaches Clinic DVD set. It is a very wise investment in your program and child’s future.

The schedule for each weekend varies, consult the specific camp page or email for more details. Pro rated fees are available for wrestlers unable to attend the entire weekend. Email with any questions or to enroll today!


Technique Instruction – In a wide variety of important areas.
Intense Drilling – To perfect your set–ups, timing and combinations.
Live Wrestling – Champions making Champions!
Sports Science – Discussions covering mental preparation, nutrition, strength training, goal setting, earning a college scholarship and more.

CHECK-IN: Saturday morning or afternoon (please check each individual weekend schedule)
CHECK OUT: Sunday afternoon
PARENTS/COACHES: You are welcome to video tape, help out and/or participate FREE.
BRING: Workout gear, towel, laundry bag, and a notebook.