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2021 Summer Camp Registration


Welcome to the 2021 Summer Camp Registration with Ken Chertow Wrestling!

Our 2021 summer camp is at the Penn State Ramada Conference Center.  We sleep, eat, learn, drill and wrestle at this great facility.  We have very successfully conducted our camps at the Penn State Ramada Conference Center for over 20 years, and we look forward to helping your wrestler in July 2021.


We will have a super camp again this summer! Though many camps across the nation cancelled last summer, we conducted a very successful and safe camp. We followed the CDC and government guidelines and everything went smoothly.  Like we did last summer and every summer before that,  we break info small groups for personalized instruction.  We have an experienced nurse on our staff to care for our students. Last summer we did daily temp checks to be extra cautious. As always, we urge our campers to use proper sanitation habits and shower thoroughly after every workout. With our hotel rooms and wrestling rooms on the same property, this is very simple to do.  We we disinfect the mats thoroughly after every workout.  We have a track record of success in all facets of our camp.


This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

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July 11 - 25 is the ideal option. Shorter options include July 11 - 23, or July 11 - 20

We provide world-class technical instruction, intensive drilling, systematic review sessions, daily live wrestling and sports science seminars. You will learn and retain critical techniques, while developing the concentration, intensity, and commitment required to become a champion. We can customize the curriculum to fit your needs. For wrestlers looking to make a serious commitment to excel, there is no better choice than our Super Gold Medal Training Camp.


July 11-16 or July 17-22

Designed for the serious teenage wrestler. The focus will be on hard drilling and live wrestling. In addition you will receive advanced, small group technique instruction in the areas of your choice.


July 11-16, July 17-22, or July 17-21

Kids Training Camp is a variation of the Gold Medal Training Camp designed for serious wrestlers in grades 3 - 7. This is a step up from the Future Champions Camp for the hard core young wrestler.


July 11-14 or July 17-20

Designed for wrestlers grades 1–3 who have varying degrees of skill, experience, and attention span. We cater to the needs of both novice and advanced wrestlers, providing small group, personalized instruction.


July 11-14, July 17-20, or July 17-21

The Personalized Technique Camp is specifically designed for junior high and senior high wrestlers with little to moderate experience, as well as for experienced wrestlers who want to refine and expand their current repertoire.


July 11-14. We offer longer options for the teenagers too.

2015 World Medalist, Army Veteran, and college coach Leigh Jaynes is our Girls Camp leader. We welcome all ages for these 4 days!  Teenage girls can enroll for our longer camps. We have been successfully conducting camps for girls for over 20 years. 

Group Discount

Coaches and Parents interested in organizing a group should contact us now at or 814-883-1193. I will gladly discuss details and options for organizing your group with you.

Group of 4 wrestlers = $25 discount/wrestler

Group of 8 wrestlers = $50 discount/wrestler

Group of 12 wrestlers = $75 discount/wrestler

For everyone in a group to receive the discount, all applications must be sent in together by  April 30. 

In order for the registration system to recognize that you are registering multiple wrestlers, please register all of your team at the same time.  On the Review Page, there is a link near the bottom to "Register Another Player" - please click on this link to ensure that all of your team members are registered within the same order.

*Contact Coach Chertow for alternate group discount enrollment options.


Please direct questions to: or call/text Coach Chertow personally at 814-883-1193.

Coach Ken Chertow

Coach Ken Chertow


Phone: (814) 883-1193